Frank Stenberg

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Frank (born 1981) grew up in the small northern village of Slagnäs just below the Artic Circle in Swedish Lapland. As both parents and older sister, Tina, played in bands and made records, it was natural for Frank to also start playing and making his own music. He is even named after his fathers big idol – Frank Zappa – which might tell a little about the musical taste of the Stenberg's. Frank learned to play the guitar, and started playing in bands when he moved to the city of Umeå to study, where he still lives most of the time.

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After a few years he left the local music scene and focused more and more on composing and recording his own material, as he found out that this was what he really liked to do. The album "Seven Ravings" is the result of several years of work and it is Franks first solo album.

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