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Swedish newspaper Västerbottens Kuriren recently wrote an article about Frank, his music, and a little about the brewery he has co-founded. English translation available below.

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Beer and music from Slagnäs

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"My earliest memory is the scent of Deep Purples Machine Head album"

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Frank Stenberg just released his debut album as a solo artist and is also working on the newly started brewery Nausta Bryggeri.

Rock music and beer brewing is the thing for Frank Stenberg, who has just released his debut album as a solo artist. His very musical parents named him after Frank Zappa. "I guess it tells something about the environment i grew up in", he says.

Frank Stenberg grew up in a musical family in Slagnäs, a village with about 100 inhabitants in the municipality of Arjeplog, where Roger Pontare also comes from. Both parents played in bands and his sister, Tina Stenberg, has released a number of albums. A great part of Franks childhood was about music and he followed his parents around when they went out and played.

"The earliest memories i have is music. I listened a lot to Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and a lot to Frank Zappa"

"My earliest memory is the scent of Deep Purples Machine Head album"

Three to ten years old

In 1999 Frank Stenberg moved to Umeå and have since played in different bands, the most noteworthy being the hardcore band Eclipse. Now he has just released his debut album as a solo artist, Seven Ravings, a collection of 70's inspired rock songs ranging from three to ten years old. The lyrics are about themes like a series of youth books he read when he was young and a light phenomenon his family observed in the 1970's and also more diffuse themes.

"The album is quite personal in that sense. I only write about things which interests me or things that have occurred. About things which has meant a lot or things which i find interesting in the present."

The album has just been released on TBM Records and Frank is already looking ahead.

"I have a record more or less completed, which feels great as I can finally let go of this record. There is a lot of new things I want to do, new stuff and themes I want to write about", Frank Stenberg says.

Brewing beer with his brother

When he does not create music he brews beer together with his brother Max. They have recently begun producing beer in their hometown Slagnäs under the name Nausta Bryggeri. The brewery is located at Naustajaure, Star lake.

"It is great fun to be able to go back and create something in the village where I am from. I get to be creative although in another way", Frank Stenberg says.


Update from Frank
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to write you fine folks a line.

I'm very happy that so many, from all around the world, have listened to my album. The songs on "Seven Ravings" are in some ways very personal, dealing with stories, themes and ideas which interests me. It's very cool that I get to share them with you. As I write this I am currently working on new material. It's a lot of fun and I have entered "Creative Madness Mode". Can hardly wait to record new music!

A big thanks to all, and especially YOU!


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Interview in Arjeplognytt

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Debut album out now
The album Seven Ravings has finally been released, and you can find it on Amazon and Spotify among other places. Listen and enjoy!

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